Thursday, 15 March 2012

A selection of drawings

Dallas Green
Samuel Larsen

Johnny Depp

Marilyn Monroe

I really enjoy just sitting down and drawing something that isn't for a brief, plus it's a great way to practice and improve my skills. 

Typographic Glossary

A Typographic glossary I created which explains 24 typographic terms purely through typography. No imagery and only a simple colour scheme of black, white and red was allowed to be used. Having such a tight brief really allowed you to focus on the way you handled the text and with this being the first hard back book I've created it really was a learning curve. Next time I know to handle the layout, particularly the margin on the binding edge with much more care. I really enjoyed creating these 2 books, especially the binding process. Doing graphic design means you're in danger of spending your life on the computer so it's always a great chance to escape that when you get a project like this. 

Typography; visual glossary

Working within a group, we were given a brief with 2 parts, the first part was to create a book that contained visual representations of 24 typographic terms. I was given Kern, Ligatures and Widows and Orphans. For kern, I was focusing on the space between each letter, and how this could be adjusted, creating the above image using hands to illustrate this. With the image for Ligature I was trying to highlight how the 2 glyphs are joined together, stitching these together and into a denim jacket, although it seems obvious I think it's successful in illustrating exactly what a ligature is. It's hard to illustrate exactly what widows and orphans are in a visually pleasing way, so I stuck to a vector based image that shows a widow and an orphan with there heads missing. This is reflective of the fact that both a widow and an orphan, in typography and in real life have lost something, making them separated and alone. 

For the book, we simply perfect bound the pages, adding a simple laser cut front cover. We chose an image of a viking helmet for the front cover as this is the name of our group. For some reason our tutors like to give our groups strange names, i've been named a bird, an animal thats been sent into space, and now viking. 

Phobia Magazine

A brief to design an entirely new magazine based on phobias, I was given the phobia of beards. I created the magazine 'STRIKE', the name is generic enough to be able to cover all phobias rather than just pogonophobia. I created the mast head, front cover, section openers, article pages, and a number of images that could be used within my magazine. I implemented the flexibility of the mast head by changing the colour of the 'K' and the bar underneath, by doing this I also highlighted how different images for different phobias would interact with the mast head, and overall layout of the magazine.

The urchin; bic pen challenge

In the first week of university we were given a brief, a challenging brief. We had to create an entirely new product that would be made using a surplus of 1 million bic plastic pen cases. I created this light, named the Urchin due to it's shape. I do not advice anyone to sit for 8 hours gluing 352 pen cases together, it's tiring and painful, but the end result was far greater than I expected. The hollow centre was filled with battery powered LED lights, which when turned on, really highlighted the success of this project!

The urchin now sits happily on my desk, and every now and then I turn it on just to remind myself how lovely it looks when lit up. I've had many people tell me they'd love to own one, but with time, and the impracticality of attempting to post one of these isn't something I want to tackle just yet.

Screen printing

A simple screen print of my face for a 3D letterform project. 

Final Major Project; Ignorance is Bliss

After spending months researched into dictatorships and going in every direction possible I finally settled on the idea that dictatorships are founded on ignorance. 

The images above are the posters I created for the main focus of the campaign. There where 3 in total, that were mounted one above the other. These images show people disengaged, and completely unaware of the photographs I was taking. Shot through a sheet of white paper with different renditions of the phrase "Ignorance is Bliss" and then modified on the computer by adding the text over the top. Looking back, this font is not very attractive, however, the bold garish style is appropriate for a campaign like this. 

The successful part to any campaign is getting the word out! By posting stickers all around the city I was hoping to create some sort of awareness. The badges I created were another way to create awareness, these could be handed out to people in the street. The badges themselves are incomplete phrases which creates confusion and interest. Gaining peoples interest is essential when creating a campaign. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Working towards my FMP(Final Major Project) I explored a little into censorship, and it's effect that we may or may not see. These are just a couple of the images I created to influence the direction in which my FMP would go.

Expressive Christmas cards

I created a series of 12 christmas cards highlighting how are feelings towards christmas change as we age. Starting with 'magical' and working it's way up to 'overrated'. Keeping the design simple with a cutout word, and icon in the top right corner. 

Typography; the start of an obsession

Typography is one of the fundamental aspects of Graphic Design, having an understand of how to handle type is essential if you want to create successful designs. When I first started looking at typography I created these individual letterforms, changing a 2D letter into a 3D design. 

Typography has become an obsession of mine. Spotting text that isn't properly kerned has become a past time.

Life Drawing

A selection of Life drawings that I created last year. 

I've not posted anything on here for a very long time, so I'm going to spend some time getting this page up to date with any work that I've created in the past year.