Thursday, 15 March 2012

Final Major Project; Ignorance is Bliss

After spending months researched into dictatorships and going in every direction possible I finally settled on the idea that dictatorships are founded on ignorance. 

The images above are the posters I created for the main focus of the campaign. There where 3 in total, that were mounted one above the other. These images show people disengaged, and completely unaware of the photographs I was taking. Shot through a sheet of white paper with different renditions of the phrase "Ignorance is Bliss" and then modified on the computer by adding the text over the top. Looking back, this font is not very attractive, however, the bold garish style is appropriate for a campaign like this. 

The successful part to any campaign is getting the word out! By posting stickers all around the city I was hoping to create some sort of awareness. The badges I created were another way to create awareness, these could be handed out to people in the street. The badges themselves are incomplete phrases which creates confusion and interest. Gaining peoples interest is essential when creating a campaign. 

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