Thursday, 15 March 2012

Typography; visual glossary

Working within a group, we were given a brief with 2 parts, the first part was to create a book that contained visual representations of 24 typographic terms. I was given Kern, Ligatures and Widows and Orphans. For kern, I was focusing on the space between each letter, and how this could be adjusted, creating the above image using hands to illustrate this. With the image for Ligature I was trying to highlight how the 2 glyphs are joined together, stitching these together and into a denim jacket, although it seems obvious I think it's successful in illustrating exactly what a ligature is. It's hard to illustrate exactly what widows and orphans are in a visually pleasing way, so I stuck to a vector based image that shows a widow and an orphan with there heads missing. This is reflective of the fact that both a widow and an orphan, in typography and in real life have lost something, making them separated and alone. 

For the book, we simply perfect bound the pages, adding a simple laser cut front cover. We chose an image of a viking helmet for the front cover as this is the name of our group. For some reason our tutors like to give our groups strange names, i've been named a bird, an animal thats been sent into space, and now viking. 

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